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Julia Leigh Sitton - Blue Lava?

Julia Leigh Sitton is an American living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where she teaches English. She gets around town on a motorbike, and says that her home is surrounded by friendly Vietnamese families.

While she has a fulltime job teaching, she is able to find the time to explore some of the ancient wonders of Southeast Asia. In February 2016 she spent more than a week in Thailand, where she met up with her daughter Allison, who had traveled from her home in Spain. The two snorkeled, swam, and went boating, and Allison did some rock climbing while her mother watched. Rock climbing, she concedes, is something she is absolutely unwilling to do.

The two are planning to get together again in July for a trip to Indonesia, where she plan to hike the Kawah Ijen volcano. “This volcano’s lava glows blue at night,” she said.

Photographer Olivier Grunewald says that this is, in fact, a common misconception about the Kawah Ijen volcano. The astonishing electric blue glow is in fact the light from the combustion of sulfuric gases. The gases ooze from cracks in the volcano and come out at high pressure and temperature. When they come into contact with air they ignite. Some of the gases, Grunewald explained, condense into liquid sulfur, “which continues to burn as it flows down the slopes, giving the feeling of lava flowing.”

Julia Leigh Sitton is also planning a trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand, “to see this ancient city with its beautiful temples.” Chiang Mai, in the mountainous northern section of Thailand, dates back to the 1200s, and portions of the old city still exist.

Julia Leigh Sitton - Reasons You Should Teach Abroad

Julia Leigh Sitton made the decision to become a teacher in 2015, after enjoying a long and varied career in the legal profession. After earning her Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA), she took a position with ILA Vietnam, which is the leading English academy in Vietnam. Teaching abroad has presented a number of interesting challenges to Sitton and she notes the following reasons for why others may wish to follow in her footsteps.

You Enjoy Traveling

Those who enjoy experiencing new places and learning about new cultures will find that teaching in a new country offers rewards that often extend beyond those that teaching in their native countries would. In addition to having the opportunity to travel, you will learn more about other societies and their education systems.

Personal Growth

The decision to move to another country can be a scary one, regardless of how experienced a traveler you may be. After all, you will be leaving your established comfort zone and may also have to come to terms with not seeing your family as regularly as you would like. However, taking the leap and giving it a try will help you to develop as a person, providing educational opportunities that you would not receive at home.

Making A Difference

Julia Leigh Sitton enjoys her work as it offers her the chance to help young children learn one of the most-used languages in the world. This has the potential to positively impact their lives as they develop into adults. Many who teach abroad find that they enjoy similar opportunities to positively influence the lives of others.

Julia Leigh Sitton - Washington Nationals Fan

Julia Leigh Sitton is an American who is currently living in Vietnam, where she teaches English to Vietnamese enrolled in ILA Vietnam. She has been living in District 1, in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, since November 2015.

Thanks to the Internet, she is able to keep track of the Washington Nationals baseball team, who midway through the 2016 campaign are slugging it out with the New York Mets and the Miami Marlins in the National League’s East division. The Nationals have been in first place for much of the season, but it’s been a tight race that could very well go down to the wire. They are relying on the strength of an excellent pitching staff headed by Max Scherzer, who has been a dominant force since signing with Washington, and by Stephen Strasburg, who in June wound up on the fifteen day disabled list.

“I love the Washington Nationals and follow them closely,” Julia Leigh Sitton said. She had high hopes for the 2015 season but the Nationals fell short, an all-too-common fate for major league baseball teams. They wound up in second place in the NL East. Team manager Matt Williams and his entire coaching staff were fired at the end of the season.

Julia Leigh Sitton remains optimistic that the 2016 season will have a happier outcome. The Nationals’ offense is sparked by Bryce Harper, who is in his fourth Major League season and was named the National League’s Most Valuable Player for 2015. Harper endured a bit of a slump for much of June 2016 but showed signs of coming out of it as the season reached its halfway point. “He’s headed for some good fortune here,” said Nationals manager Dusty Baker. “We feel it. He just has to keep swinging.”

Harper agreed. “I’m feeling great up there,” he said. “I’m taking one at-bat at a time.” By late June Harper, the National League Rookie of the Year in 2012 and a three-time All Star, was among the top three voter-getters for outfielders for the 2016 National League All Star team.

Before she moved to Vietnam, Julia Leigh Sitton made her home in Asheville, North Carolina. It was the first time she lived in a city with a professional baseball team. The Asheville Tourists have been in the farm system of the Colorado Rockies since 1994. She attended many Tourist home games and watched as they finished the 2015 season in second place in the Class A South Atlantic League.

Julia Leigh Sitton is anticipating the arrival of her daughter to Vietnam. Allison lives in Madrid, Spain, and like her mother teaches English to non-native speakers. The pair are planning to travel to Indonesia.


Morganton’s Small Town Hospitality Builds Character 


In June, Morganton presents Rhythm and Blues tunes in the TGIF Festival, part of Morganton’s concert series on the historic Courthouse lawn.  To enhance this early summer occasion, restaurants in Morganton like Scarboro Fair and Poor Man BBQ offer yummy finger foods, plus hamburgers, hotdogs, and the best in bbq.  Handy’s Kettle Corn of Morganton tops it off with frozen lemonade and kettle corn.  Many local Morganton sponsors support the summer concert series, with wonderful Appalachian style entertainment, free to everyone.


Juleigh, as she came to be called by her neighbors and friends, soaked up this southern charm and hospitality as part of her basic nature, but genetics contributed to her high intelligence and desire to achieve.  In her junior year, Juleigh was chosen to go to the prestigious Girls State, a part of North Carolina’s Governors School Program for intellectually gifted students.  Julia Leigh Sitton was nominated by her school administrators and teachers based on grades, test scores, application essay and audition.  At Girls State, Juleigh learned to practice creativity in learning, along with discussion among her fellow students and the principles of forming and following the logic of theory.  The North Carolina Governors School program was the first of its kind in the country, and since its inception in 1963, many other states have followed suit with their own versions of encouraging study programs for gifted students.  This kind of small town, traditional atmosphere formed the character of Julia Leigh Sitton, who was born in Morganton, and attended Freedom High School there. 


Creating a Safer Place for Learning


In 2007, the unthinkable happened. A lone gunman opened fire on the Virginia Tech college campus killing 32 people before turning the gun on himself. The massacre at Virginia Tech is the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. With these kinds of tragedies comes change. Shortly after the tragedy, colleges, universities, and politicians began looking at ways to improve the security measures on campuses across the nation.


In North Carolina, just two days after the deadly shooting, then Attorney General Roy Cooper, announced that he was putting together a task force to address the issue of campus safety at all higher learning institutes across the state. The North Carolina Campus Safety Task Force was comprised of leaders from both the public and private universities and colleges in North Carolina. The task force was commissioned to address three major concerns of security on campus, standards for lockdowns on campus, guidelines for identifying possible shooters, and guidelines for improved communications with students when there is an emergency on campus. While the task force recognized that many of the college and university campuses across the state had good security measures already in place at the time of the Virginia Tech shootings, they also knew that it was time to reevaluate those systems in order to update them and improve upon what was already in place. Since the task force was established, Julia Leigh Sitton, former trustee of Western Piedmont Community College, says that the goals of the Commission’s report were implemented on campuses across the state, and the plan served as a national template for campus security.



Julia Leigh Sitton - Girls Scouts of America


As Julia Leigh Sitton knows, the Girls Scouts of America is an organization for American girls that was founded over one hundred years ago. The program is meant to empower girls all over the country. The organization wants to teach values of honesty, courage, compassion, sisterhood, confidence, fairness, character, and citizenship through a variety of activities that earn those badges for their work. Julia Leigh Sitton understands that the girls can reach great achievements and can rise in rank and can received awards of bronze, silver and gold levels.

Julia Leigh Sitton has a thorough understanding of the project because of her involvement. For ten years, Sitton enrolled her daughter into the program. Together they formed a strong bond with one another as Sitton was the group leader for her daughter and the other girls in their rank. Throughout those years, Julia Leigh Sitton’s daughter earned many badges and the group, of course, sold many of the famous Girl Scout cookies.

The program is definitely a popular one amongst girls everywhere and families that enrolled their daughters into the program. It describes itself as the world’s preeminent organization that is dedicated solely to girls. The Girl Scouts organization was ranked in the top ten of the most popular charities in America by the people. Julia Leigh Sitton is happy to have been a part of a great organization for so long and that for ten years her daughter enjoyed the experience of the Girl Scout organization.

Julia Leigh Sitton - Hiking Clubs


    Julia Leigh Sitton recommends hiking clubs to people who love the great outdoors. Sitton is someone who enjoys staying fit and healthy and sees hiking clubs as a great way to accomplish her goal. People are enjoy being outside and are interested in setting some fitness goals for themselves should join a hiking club. Julia Leigh Sitton also joined her hiking clubs for a different reason. This upcoming summer, Sitton and her daughter will be traveling the Inca Trail, which leads to Machu Picchu. Excited about this historical opportunity, Julia Leigh Sitton joined a hiking club to ensure she was ready for this adventure. 


 As a club member, Julia Leigh Sitton knows that not all hiking clubs are alike. In fact, each and every club has a different personality that the members create for the group. There are clubs that are filled with older people, while others have those who are young and adventurous. Some hiking clubs take on a personality that is aggressive and constantly take on the tough challenges. Meanwhile, there are hiking clubs that establish a laid back mentality for those who enjoy leisure hikes and journeys that are not so aggressive.


Julia Leigh Sitton is happy with her hiking club and recommends the experience to everyone. Sitton also recommends it to those who are new to an area and are interested in getting to know new people and the best hiking trails around. Julia Leigh Sitton lives and works as an attorney and consultant in western North Carolina.


Julia Leigh Sitton: A Fan of Baseball

The season may have just started, but Julia Leigh Sitton knows that what happens to her team, the Washington Nationals, now will set the tone for the rest of the year. Last year, there was much celebration for the Nationals as they were the National League East division champions. Julia Leigh Sitton is happy to know that there are no true teams in the division to have a legitimate chance at

unseating the division champions. Julia Leigh Sitton graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina.

    Julia Leigh Sitton is an attorney and legal consultant in western North Carolina. There is no sport that Sitton loves more than baseball. Though man believe there is a reason the sport is called America’s favorite “pastime”, Julia Leigh Sitton believes the game is more interesting now more than ever. She tries to attend as many games as she can in the one hundred and sixty-two-game season that the Major League Baseball association provides. Her favorite team, the Washington Nationals, is poised to make a trip to the World Series this year. Julia Leigh Sitton is sure of it.

    Julia Leigh Sitton is happy to know that health can be a concern for her Washington Nationals. Denard Span had a sports hernia surgery, Jayson Werth is nursing a right shoulder, and Anthony Rendon has had a sore left knee for some time now. However, injuries cannot last forever, Julia Leigh Sitton believes. Plus, the pitching core of the Nationals gives Sitton hope for the future of the team throughout the season and hopefully deep into the playoffs.


A Place Where People Care About the Process of Learning


For over 50 years, the Governor’s School of North Carolina has been providing a summer program for intellectually gifted high school students. A five and a half week summer residential program, the North Carolina’s Governor’s School is the oldest summer residential program in the state. The intent of the school is to bring academically or intellectually gifted seniors to the program and immerse them in curriculum that focuses on the exploration of the most recent ideas and concepts rather than on tests and grades. The program is offered at two separate campuses in North Carolina, Salem College and Meredith College, with each campus receiving up to 325 students every summer.

Each year local superintendents, charter school directors, and private school headmasters nominate those students who they see as rising above their peers. Students from the 10th and 11th grades are nominated based on their excellence in one of ten areas of curriculum. Students that excelled in Art, Theater, Foreign Language (Spanish or French), Dance, Choral Music, Natural Science, English, Instrumental Music, Social Science, and Mathematics can be nominated for the Governor’s School of North Carolina.

Each student that attends the Governor’s School is nominated for a specific area of study. During their time at the school, they spend their days focusing on the basic study of their nomination. They also are required to explore the connections between the different areas of disciplines offered by the school. Julia Leigh Sitton attended the North Carolina Governor’s School during the summer before her senior year of high school and still remembers the lessons she learned during the time she spent at the school.


Morganton and the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area

Incorporated in 1784, Morganton, North Carolina boasts the traditional early Colonies mix of English, Scotch, Scotch-Irish, Irish, American Indian, African American and German ethnicities, yet today.  Morganton nestles in the Blue Ridge National Heritage area, in the western part of North Carolina in Burke County.  With a population average of only 16,000 residents, Morganton retains the comfort, welcome and ease of a small town. 

Using her advocacy skills for her fellow North Carolinians, Julia Leigh Sitton served the Fontana Dam Village.

But Morganton is so much more, with a rich history, old fashioned traditions which thrive today, and the rich, lush scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The Blue Ridge National Heritage area was designated by Congress in 2003, and with its own nonprofit organization, attempts to preserve the heritage of the area by promoting the uniqueness of the region.   Speaking to Americans in so many ways:  historically, ecologically, ethnically and culturally, this area of North Carolina, including 25 western counties, hopes to perpetuate this legacy for future generations.

 Appalachia is based geographically among ancient mountains, and has the brightest star of the national park system, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which boasts the highest visitation of any national park, over 25 million guests per year.  The Blue Ridge National Heritage area contains Mount Mitchell, the highest mountain in the eastern United States, along with the deepest gorge, Linville Gorge, and the highest waterfall, Whitewater Falls.  Purportedly, the area’s New River is also the oldest river in North America.  Julia Leigh Sitton was nurtured by the rich natural history around her.

Julia Leigh Sitton - Tips For Riding A Motorbike in Ho Chi Minh City

Since moving to Ho Chi Minh City so that she could teach English as part of her work with ILA Vietnam, Julia Leigh Sitton has discovered that the motorbike is the primary form of transportation for many people in the city. She offers the following tips proving invaluable for those who want to ride safely on the streets of Ho Chi Minh.

Start When You’re Ready

While you may see a motorbike as a valuable means of transportation through the city streets, it is important that you wait until you are ready before you start taking lessons. Take a few months to get acquainted with life in the city first and spend some time observing the roads to see how people act while driving. Trying to push yourself into learning as quickly as possible creates undue stress, especially if you have recently moved to the area and are still trying to adjust to a host of new customs and routines.

Be Wary Of Traffic

The rules of the road that you may already be accustomed to can often feel like that don’t apply in Ho Chi Minh, especially when it comes to motorcyclists. This can often be a difficult adjustment for those who aren’t used to seeing vehicles running red lights or people driving recklessly. Always stay alert when you are on the road and be wary of your surroundings. Trust your instincts and don’t make turns until you are fully comfortable that you will be safe in doing so. Where possible, try to ride with a pack of other motorcyclists, as this will ensure other vehicles on the road know you’re there.

Wear Sunscreen

It may seem like something of a strange tip, but the sun can cause major problems for your skin if you spend a lot of time riding your motorbike, especially if you come from an area with a cooler climate than what you will experience in Ho Chi Minh. Make sure that you apply sunscreen liberally before you head out on your bike and consider stopping to top up every so often if you’re expecting a long ride.

Take Your GPS

Being fairly new to Ho Chi Ming, Julia Leigh Sitton is not yet aware of all of the side-streets and shortcuts that she can take to get to her destinations quicker. There are also many places in the city that she is yet to visit, particularly on a motorbike. As such, it is important that you take a map or GPS system with you so that you stand a better chance of being able to navigate the many streets in the city.